Web Development

Urban Net has more than 10 years of experience (includes years before becoming a company) in web design and web development.  In partnership with international partners, we provide affordable and responsive (sites that adapt to any screen size) websites that allow you to gain a competitive advantage.  Our partnerships allow us to include web hosting with a free domain and security certificate (it encrypts the connection to your site, transforming http to https) with the creation of your website.  We also offer a free android app of your site with the creation of a website for you.

For those of you who don’t know what hosting and domain are, hosting is what allows you to store your pages online and a domain allows you to give your website a short address like www.yoursitename.com.  The domain also allows you to have an email with your domain name like yourname@yoursitename.com

Some of the types of websites that we can create are:

  • Websites with video conferencing (appropriate for online classes, online consultations, and has Payment Gateway)
  • E-commerce Websites (online stores, including multivendor websites)
  • E-learning Websites (Video Lessons, Simulations, Multiple Choice, Certification of Course completion, Payment Gateway)
  • Multimedia Websites (Audio and Video)
  • Booking Websites (For Tourism Agencies)
  • Real Estate Websites
  • Business Websites
  • Social Network websites like Facebook and Twitter
  • And much more

Some of the features that your website can have:

  • E-commerce features (buy your products with a credit card, Pay Pal, and others)
  • Forms (for booking accommodation, contact form, etc)
  • Monetization Tools (ads and affiliate tools)
  • Social Buttons (It allows you to like a page in your website, share your page to various social networks)
  • Social Media Feed (your user would be able to preview some of the posts from your social network pages on your website)
  • Your own Social Network (users can post, comment, like, share, send payments to other users)
  • Multimedia (Videos, Audio, and Galleries)
  • Live Chat (for support)
  • Forums (for discussions and for support)
  • Gallery
  • Image Slider
  • And much more


Our prices start at $250 USD, and the $500 USD for the sites with an android app. We can give you a discount for websites with an android app, we can charge you only $300 USD in the condition that the app has a Facebook Audience Network banner.

To make life easier we have WordPress themes and Joomla templates that you can choose from and we customize them to suit your needs.