Android App Development

Urban Net provides the service of android app development to help you gain a competitive advantage and gain visibility on the market.  Mobile devices have become the most used devices in the world, and Android is the most used operating system, and for that reason having an android app can help your business gain visibility and stand out from your competitors who do not have android apps.  

An android app can be a marketing tool for your business because it can help you reach new customers.  Simply by having your app on Google Play Store and Amazon App Store your app is exposed to new customers.  Indexing also can be done to your app, which will allow your app to appear on Google search results. Someone searching for your company or the products that you provide can find the search results on Google and click on the search result to install the app or to open your app if he/she already has the app.

Getting an app for your business allows your clients to be a few touches away from using your products and service in a very user-friendly way.  The user just has to install your app to have your business at his/her disposal. Furthermore, an app can have notifications that allow you to notify your customers/users of the latest products, promotions and sales, and much more. 

If you already have a website we can create an app for the website that opens the website and your social network pages, and like mentioned before it can be indexed and provide notifications.  With an app that integrates social networking allows your users to communicate with you and to share content from your business. The notifications for the app are different from notifications that websites usually provide.  The notifications from a website the user has to click accept to be able to receive notifications, but the app notifications do not require the user to click accept to receive the notifications, by downloading the app and installing gets the notifications as part of the app’s features. 

Some of the apps that we create include apps with online video conferencing, e-commerce, e-learning, multimedia, social network capabilities, and much more. The apps with online video conferencing allow users to schedule appointments for online video consultations or classes that will be charged using an online payment gateway (credit/debit card, PayPal, and other payment gateways).  Apps with e-commerce include apps for online stores that allow users to purchase products using an online payment gateway (credit/debit card, PayPal, and other payment gateways).  E-learning apps allow users to have access to courses that have video lessons, simulation exercises, multiple-choice; obtaining certification of completion; and purchase courses. The multimedia app will allow users to watch videos, see pictures, and listen to audio. A social network app will allow you to have your own social network app like Facebook and Twitter that allows users to comment, share, react (like, heart, and others), post (text, video, and pictures), send money to each other.  With a social network app, you also be able to monetize your app by selling advertisement space, advertising space that is purchased using an online payment gateway. The apps that we create can be a combination of these capabilities, an e-learning app can have e-commerce capabilities, and other combinations.

Some of the businesses that can benefit from our android app development are:

• Hotels and Tourism Agencies

• Real Estate Agencies

• Radio Stations

• Record Labels and Artists

• Schools

• Psychologists

• Small, Medium, and Big Businesses

• And much more

The prices of developing an android app start at $500 and prices may vary according to the type of app, work required, and complexity of the app.  The cheapest apps to create are the apps for a website that is already online, we created templates to make it easier to create the apps for websites. 

If you want a cheaper app the price can drop if you accept a banner ad to be placed on the bottom of the app.  This banner is not intrusive, it’s small, it doesn’t affect the visibility of the app, and it is from Facebook Audience Network.  The banner will allow Urban Net to receive money from the ads and pay for your cheap app.